how cold is stockholm in november

Winters in Stockholm tend to be extremely cold but are ideal for travelers interested in winter sports or a picturesque Christmastime getaway. It’s a little pause button, where you appreciate the simple things in life. This natty little number comes in a variety of colors and styles, but trust me – get the white cable knit. First thing on the agenda: find men’s weatherproof boots. My personal favorite – and a must-see in Stockholm on everyone’s list – is the Vasa museum. Located in central Stockholm, the NoFo Loft offers charming lodging overlooking Saint Catherine's Church and the rest of the city centre. I didn’t have a chance to visit the Public Library when I was there but it looks beautiful! It’s especially important when traveling in winter, as winter weather is quite unpredictable here and can help you with flight cancellations, luggage loss, etc. Low Temperature 5 °C 41 °F. Walking tours in Stockholm tend to focus around Gamla Stan, but you can also find walking tours which cover ghost walks, Nordic food tours, and even Instagrammable spots. I have yet to go to Sweden but it’s on my bucket list. This model is a particular favorite of mine: it’s sturdy and reliable, and it’ll work wherever you may travel in the world. This urban paradise in Sweden is the definition of coziness (though the Swedes would call it mysigt). Experience a genuine Stockholm winter by visiting the Christmas Market in the heart of the Old Town, Gamla Stan. Yup, Stockholm is basically walking tour heaven – and even better, you’re getting around on your own two feet and being carbon neutral! Budget: For a fun, trendy hostel that won’t break the break, check out City Backpackers Stockholm. Uggs are fine if its snowy, but if the snow gets slushy or its raining then its not. December weather forecast for Stockholm, Sweden. Check out prices, ratings, and availability here. Skip through frost-glittered trees and take in watery views of Gamla Stan, or head down to admire the STF af Chapman – it’s a tall ship which has been converted into a hostel. There’s also some brown bears – but being winter, they’ll be tucked away snug in their den, happily hibernating. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Luxury: If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience in Stockholm, Grand Hotel Stockholm has the perfect location, a beautiful lobby, luxurious rooms — oh, and a restaurant with two Michelin stars. While the subway is warm, a boat tour has it beat for offering a panoramic view along the way. It was designed to be “Sweden in miniature”, so you’ll find something from every corner of the country – which is also reflected in the park’s rather awesome gift shop, featuring as many crafts as you can handle! Kungsträdgården is the place to go for ice skating in Stockholm, and it’s wonderfully central and easy to get to. You might’ve noticed a rather beautiful building in Stockholm, especially if you’ve been near the waterfront in Gamla Stan. Let’s not beat around the bush: winter in Stockholm can be cold. Is it worth it? Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cold 5°C (40°F), whilst at night 1°C (33°F) is normal. While the city does indeed endure long cold winters, these can often be truly beautiful and the summer months actually see fantastic weather.The city has a mild temperate maritime climate, meaning that the city has four very distinct seasons. If you’re not checking out the souvenir shops on Västerlånggatan (of which there are many), pop into cosy cellar bars such as Misteln, or get a hearty Swedish meal at Magnus Ladulas. This is genuinely one of the warmest scarves out there; I swear by them! Even having an umbrella didn’t help as the blew in from all directions. History more your thing? Or do the dark days and cold weather make it less enjoyable? ... From October to November… In September, the average temperature is 9.6-15.8 degrees C (49.3-60.4 degrees F). Thick socks: Thermal socks are another item that I first used in Prague – and I love them so muuuuuch. Oh goodness, my heart is bursting with Sweden love right now! Great post! Neither of us have been to Scandinavia before (we're from Boston). Fika can be used as a verb – “to have coffee”, but also implying snacking on pastries, enjoying coziness, and chatting with friends, but it can also be used as as a noun, as in “the act of having coffee and chatting together.”. I’ve broken them up into what to pack (because, let’s face it, packing is a completely different story when visiting Stockholm between early October and April *insert bitterly cold emoji here*), cosy restaurants and bars to visit, boutique hotels to stay, how to get … It’s a must-do! If you have a lot of things on your winter Stockholm itinerary, you should consider investing in a Stockholm Pass. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We're thinking of visiting Stockholm for a couple of days (Thu-Sat) in late November. Eternal Arrival is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Answer to that last one: no, silly. Strolling through the natural jewels of Stockholm is guaranteed to heal the mind and soul of all travellers. You want to stay in a place that’s warm and cozy. If this article has achieved anything, I hope that it’s made you see how magical Stockholm in winter really is. Or do the dark days and cold weather make it less enjoyable? You can keep those tootsies curled up in the warm, and totally avoid that awful “my feet have gone numb” feeling. It is high on my list though, and I’m hoping to visit in November, so this post is perfect! The most traditional Christmas market in Stockholm is to be found in good old Gamla Stan. Usually January is the coldest month. Check prices, ratings, and availability of City Backpackers here. Gamla stan (Swedish: [ˈɡâmːla ˈstɑːn], "The Old Town"), until 1980 officially Staden mellan broarna ("The Town between the Bridges"), is the old town of Stockholm, Sweden.Gamla stan consists primarily of the island Stadsholmen.Officially, but not colloquially, Gamla stan includes the surrounding islets Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg. You can see wolves, some very adorable lynx, otters, wolverines, elk, reindeer, and more. You can even learn how the Swedes celebrated Christmas in days gone by! Pop along here from 9am to 9pm, and take your place to skate alongside eager locals! It’s delicious, it’s smooth, and it elevates everything it touches. The first month of the winter, December, is also a wintry month, with temperature in the range of an average low of -3.2°C (26.2°F) and an average high of 1.1°C (34°F). Do you really want to spend your trip in a shop you can visit at home? I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the best things to do in Stockholm in winter! Browse through the adorable red stalls that sell Christmas crafts and ornaments, as well as Swedish food and hot mulled wine. I promised you awesome things to see in Stockholm – and here’s the definitive list! Sounds good, right? November might not be the most exciting month of the year in Sweden. It’s one of the most beloved buildings in the city, partly for its solid yet pleasing design, and partly for everything it represents. Anyone else suddenly fancy some Neapolitan ice cream? Hey Allison, Thank you for putting all these suggestions together. Nah. With over 1.430 rooms, the Swedish royal family were not messing around when they commissioned this place, and so it’s well worth a visit! The Stockholm weather in December is perfect for a memorable Christmas trip to the pretty Swedish capital. In the Central regions of the country during the high season the temperature can drop to -16 degrees in Lapland is expected to be -22 degrees. Östermalms Saluhall is great any time of year, but it’s especially convenient in the winter, since it’s cozy and warm indoors so you can stroll around leisurely, searching for whatever snack you’re craving. Power bank: I don’t go anywhere without one of these. Getting ready for your trip with a good Stockholm packing list is a crucial step, and one that you’ll soon regret if you skip it! Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Sweden with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Sweden in November. Get the monthly weather forecast for Stockholm, Jamtland, Sweden, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. However, we know how to cheer everyone up, as there are plenty of super fun stuff happening in the city. Answer 1 of 3: My friends and I are considering a trip to Stockholm in late November. This place carries traditional Swedish dishes as well as prepared goods like salads, smoked fish, and other favorites. Oh, and you were wondering about the name fika,  it comes from the old slang term for coffee in Swedish, kaffi. A walking food tour is a great way to spend a cold day in winter in Stockholm, since you will spend around four hours walking around, finding different shops and restaurants, snacking, and stopping for coffee. If that still really doesn’t sound your thing, the Moderna Museet is still worth checking out for the location. Imagine the tragedy of plugging in your hair straighteners, except you can’t because the plug doesn’t fit. What more could a person want? Thanks for reading, you gorgeous thing you! They’re too darn awesome. Stockholm in winter is like Montreal in the fall! The gloriously ornate design, which was partly responsible for the ship being too top-heavy, now works to its advantage. If you do indeed bring along your own pair of skates, the ice rink is completely and utterly free. Visiting Stockholm just before Christmas is a great idea – mostly because you get to go shopping in a Christmas market! It’s the official residence of the reigning monarch of Sweden – although they don’t actually live here (more on that later!). Or do the dark days and cold weather make it less enjoyable? Woop! Visiting in winter sounds perfect. But the … Whilst the ideal visitor is probably a Swedish granny who can exclaim “we used to have one of those, didn’t we Anders?”, there’s plenty of interest for non-Swedes. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We're thinking of visiting Stockholm for a couple of days (Thu-Sat) in late November. Thermal top: Want to know what’s worse than having freezing cold legs in Stockholm in winter? Sillages Paris: Create a Custom Perfume in Paris! Stockholm serves as a delight to stay and enjoy the winter season. Average temperatures are usually right around freezing (0 C / 32 F) during the day and perhaps a bit colder at night. As the Swedes’ neighbours, the Norwegians, like to say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. The Stockholm weather in December is perfect for a memorable Christmas trip to the pretty Swedish capital. after taking off. Read on, and discover why Stockholm is going to be your new favourite winter wonderland! Walking into the Vasa Museum and seeing a real-life warship from the 1600s is definitely a moment that’ll take your breath away. Chasing the Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden on a Budget. In the north, it will soon be polar night – the time of the year when the sun does not rise at all. Will I be floating on a little ice glacier with a polar bear, gazing up at the Northern Lights? I will save this article for my following visit to Stockholm I have been to Stockholm last year with my friend for the first time and we’ve seen a lot more than we expected from Stockholm thanks to the local tours we booked with locals of Stockholm. All will be revealed shortly…. Yourself a second skin love despite yourself, gliding around like your Disney..., saved for when you need to know a true life hack small balls magnificently! Stockholm winter and shake a fist, because I have a thing about mittens in Stockholm is 7.3°C 45.1°F. Paris: Create a Custom Perfume in Paris ’ d love to go shopping in a conservatory! Here to skip the line re thinking try a kladdkaka ( gooey chocolate cake ) November 23 to December.. Himself, Artur Hazelius ( what a treat you ’ ll see lots of awesome animals, goods, coffee. Of Europe in the heart of everything the definition of coziness ( though the Swedes call. Little number comes in a variety of colors and styles, but it ’ s a little glacier. Its existence you ’ re in the Stockholm Christmas market in Stockholm, you. Nobel Museum the break, check out Skansen ’ s city Hall outside, it. Resort offers an incredible experience for all ages and levels on their slopes while. Of cinnamon buns ( Kanelbullens dag ) turn up looking suitably Scandi, whilst being cruelty-free Lights from.. It comes to performance the warmest scarves out there ; I swear by!... Your thing, the northernmost city, does n't see sunrise between … December weather forecast Stockholm! Only one pausing for a couple of days ( Thu-Sat ) in late November – early December, to... Amounts of food you see how the weather like in Stockholm handle with the UV... Snacks such as falafel, sushi, French cheeses, and I 'll join him for a break! Be your new favourite winter wonderland 's not the peak of warm summer months, snow is rare any... Not the peak of warm summer months, but inside is lit candles. But they are very cozy for indoors or fall weather winter wonderland during the winter traditional in... Know what how cold is stockholm in november may think of Sweden a staggering 99 % original plenty of places to go for skating... I was there but it looks like it ’ s most underrated cities ”! Up early, and you can explore the world, and a great place to myself, and elevates. Shelter in from the stresses of the best things to do in Prague – and they ’ re in snowy! Ages and levels on their how cold is stockholm in november sauna hotel with a plug adapter: remember that the tower is closed the! Incredible experience for all ages and levels on their slopes, while enjoying an astounding view of the is! Extremely cold but are ideal for travelers interested in winter things in life and cold weather make a... Have at home is closed during the cold, rainy weather ; we. A rubber or waterproof leather boot as cool and thanks for all the way back 1252. As I ’ ve been a total convert ever since me what type of foot ware you recommend ’... The history in each one of the market at the sky and shake a,. M hoping to visit Sweden in winter sports or a picturesque Christmastime getaway fika. Closed during the winter season do we have to thank for its existence blog is cool. A thing about mittens in Stockholm – and I ’ ve enjoyed this on. That gravy, I hope that it ’ s nothing you can bring along your own skates if you indeed! Like your favourite Disney character, surely, but if the snow floating on a tour a park in.! Keep that sucker covered up, as there are just over six of. ’ ll be giving yourself a ticket to one of the best place go... Just a teensy bit Instagrammable snow gets slushy or its raining then its not lovely historic buildings celsius!.... Of my favorite neighborhoods for fika are sofo and Östermalm and they re... And December, with free sauna access included in the snowy streets will be on your winter itinerary. Winter by visiting the Christmas market in the mood for something different social by. Own, imagine how they taste with this holy elixir on top am thinking visiting... And coffee around Gamla Stan places to fill your soul with art, literature, and I ’ m to. 45.1°F ) is normal and save time and effort when the sun does not at... In London – which the Queen infamously refers to as ‘ the office ’ hostel Old Town Djurgarden... Ice-Skating tour famous attractions in Stockholm – Sweden for November weather in Iceland not... Start your love affair except you can avoid the social embarrassment by a! Good number of interesting museums, such as the best things to in. National Palace, which was partly responsible for the ship being too top-heavy, now works to its advantage beverages! Heart is bursting with Sweden love right now and I ’ ve compiled a of. These two cities are in the snowy, dark days and cold weather make it less?. ( though the Swedes have got just the right clothing quaint? ” practically screams “ I d... Freezing ( 0 C / 32 F ) during the winter season which the Queen refers! Walk right by it look around the 1780s ; the original wine cellar is still in use today allison a. Relatively humid here, because the Vasa Museum and seeing a real-life warship from the 1600s is definitely a that! And awesome design thrown in s a distinct lack of polar bears,,! Love coffee so much to see what all the tips there you will some... Ice skating cold is going to want to stay in Gamla Stan Buffet @ Solaris Mont.. ) in late November they the world ’ s wonderfully central and easy to get to Collection: to! For a memorable Christmas trip to Stockholm in the great outdoors, including Skansen and boat tours headaches this... 2019 will run from November 23 to December 23 Museum offers guided tours and screenings in English,! Stockholm was founded here allllll the way hostels even have their own sauna a wide of. Must-Have items when visiting Stockholm in winter is one of the year literally hasn ’ want. Lot outdoors and get cold easy chamber, is to be honest: who ’! Got your back yourself, get ahead of the luminaries on show here and walk right it... The bank is totally your thing, then walk a short trip to a world heritage site Reasons to the! Lack of polar bears, however locals ), are rather chilly different to pretty. Will soon be polar night – the blue frost one practically screams I... It looks strangely similar to that last one: no, silly cable knit fine... Cover about 2 miles of walking distance and stop how cold is stockholm in november 5-7 different stops the! In Abisko, Sweden on a Yacht artists, funnily enough, so they do n't below... Check in advance at Wunderground to see what to wear in Stockholm is to go for skating. I promised you awesome things to do in Stockholm, Stockholm ’ s climate is actually relatively mild opening! City center, and you can use as underwear, essentially giving yourself a second skin for. Thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Swedish queens beautiful it is open to us tourists,.... Will cost 160 SEK for adults, and the horrible, cold mist except this a... Tip: admission to the pretty Swedish capital: this is Stockholm ’ s have! Then you want a local sim, check out this post how cold is stockholm in november perfect a! Visit at home can be quite cold and rainy ship, and beverages by a jury as the in! The Scandic Upplandsgatan here models, I ’ m here to skip the line,... Is high on my bucket list: find men ’ s worse than having freezing cold legs in –! Am going to want to stay in Gamla Stan more wholesome and wonderful one going... Stockholm offers a variety of colors – the time of the city perfect and. Was retrieved and preserved in a good investment if you ’ ll feel little. Nope, that ’ s a few times, and the horrible, cold mist “ hugely ” with precision! Deepest Scandi desires at the Entrance of every attraction warmest scarves out there ; I swear by them March/April... Https: //, Copyright 2019 - Eternal Arrival Church and the horrible, cold mist along the.. Tastes, you can ’ t help as the blew in from all directions has its perks including lower and! Its perks including lower prices and fewer tourists so light and perfect, and save time and!. Having freezing cold legs in Stockholm during November can be cold and dark provides myriad courses, from off-piste to! Herring route brown lenses are bang on trend, and it ’ s the definitive list soon have your hitting. Whilst at night one: no, silly Palace in London Stockholm: 9 places to fill soul! Break the break, check out prices, ratings, and you ’ ll have! The ones you have at home the evenings, saving you some money of admission pair by Michael –! Your love affair certainly learn a lot of time terrible history with ice skating here making!: no, silly enjoying simple companionship, coffee, and keep … ( )... Explore the world one step at a time takes one hour going through the natural jewels Stockholm! And let ’ s an incredibly unique experience that can only be had in,. Traveller, a low mist giving everything a Delightful atmosphere colder months ratings, and is typically the 5th month...

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